10 Key Industries Ningbo Focus on to Attact:

  1. New Chemical Material Industry
  2. Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry
  3. Featured Process Integrated Circuit Industry
  4. Medical and Health Industry
  5. “5G+” Aerospace Information Industry
  6. Financial Service Industry
  7. Port and Shipping Service Industry
  8. Foreign-invested Real Estate
  9. Commercial and Retail Industry
  10. Optical Electronics Industry


  1. 化工新材料产业
  2. 节能与新能源汽车产业
  3. 特色工艺集成电路产业
  4. 医疗健康产业
  5. “5G+”空天信息产业
  6. 金融服务业
  7. 港航服务业
  8. 外资产业地产
  9. 商业和零售业
  10. 光学电子产业


With investment and trade ties with more than 220 countries (regions) and sister cities agreement with more than 100 foreign cities, Ningbo is among the most open cities in China. It is the eighth city in China to register more than 100 billion USI) of foreign trade. the ninth to achieve more than 50 billion USD of paid-in foreign investment, the first to accomplish more than 10 billion yuan of annual cross-border import volume, and the fourth sub-provincial city to have more than 10 billion USD of outbound investment.