To promote Hainan Island reform to build Free Trade Port, the China National Immigration Bureau(this bureau was set up on 2nd April 2018) announced a new visa exemption policy this morning for 59 country passport holders:

UK France Germany
Italy Austria Finland
Sweden Spain Belgium
Greece Hungary Iceland
Malta Poland Luxemburg
Slovakia Slovenia Macedonia
Romania Serbia Montenegro
Croatia Ireland Albania
Belarus Monaco Portugal
Norway Ukraine Netherland
Russia Darmark Bulgaria
Czech Estonia Cyprus
Latvia Lithuania
Bosnia and Herzegovina
US Canada Chile
Brazil Mexico Argentina
Australia Malaysia Singapore
Japan Brunei New Zealand
Thailand Philippines Kazakhstan
Qatar UAE South Korea
Indonesia Sri Lanka
The new visa Exemption Policy start from 1st May, the above country passport holder would be able to enter Hainan without visa for 30 days.
As a famous vacation island, Hainan issued some visa exemption for some of the country with tour group before, the big change this time is:
1. All the above mentioned country passport holders would enter Hainan for free visa individually, no need tour group.
2. The stay duration will be for 30 days instead of 14 days

China government promise to be opening up to drive forward the reform for economy, more and more countries would be free visa to enter China in future. Up to now, most of the above countries can enter all China with free visa for 7 days if they show the 3rd country flight ticket.

These country passport holders can enter all China with visa exemption without any terms:

Country Stay Duration
Singapore 14 days
Japan 14 days
Mongolia 30 days
Serbia 30 days
Montenegro 30 days
Ecuador 30 days
Mauritius 30 days
Tonga 30 days
Barbados 30 days
U.A.E. 30 days
Seychelles 30 days
San Marino 30 days

China government is going to build Hainan be a global Free Trade Port, with the new visa exemption policy, more people would enter Hainan easily for tour or investment.

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